Dr.Gurumurthy Hegde

Dr.Gurumurthy Hegde,
Faculty of Industrial Scainces and Technology,
University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia
Area of Specialization: Light driven phase transitions



  The ability of light to alter/stabilize a particular thermodynamic phase is a power tool to investigate condensed matter from a new dimension. This field of photoinduced phase transitions is currently an important area of research. Being elastically soft and having subtle changes between its many phases a liquid crystal material is an attractive medium to investigate such light-driven phase transitions.

Among them, the LC surface properties, which are of vital importance for the alignment of LCs and thus for the appearance and the operation of the devices, depend, in addition, on the solid surface-liquid crystal interactions. The area of research growing steadily is the one of photoalignment technology which is described as a direct consequence of the appearance of the photo-induced optical anisotropy and dichroic absorption in thin amorphous films, formed by molecular units with anisotropic absorption properties. In nutshell, bulk and surface properties of liquid crystals plays very important role in the application of liquid crystal displays. 


Area of my research mainly focussed on Photo-induced and photo-alignment of liquid crystals for various applications, flexoelectricity in liquid crystals and so on.

I am a poet, writer, and nature lover. I like to make new friends and always eager to learn new culture.

I am very simple and very friendly 


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